The Sarasota County School Board stands at a pivotal juncture, its once-solid foundation now shaken by a palpable loss of trust within the community. The heart of this erosion lies in a profound lack of faith in the current board composition, with Bridget Ziegler’s reputation staining the dais. Our community, united in its commitment to educational excellence, now finds itself at odds with a leadership that seems disconnected from the very values it purports to uphold. The repercussions of persisting down this path are

Introduction The past school board year has been marred by controversies, distractions, and questionable decision-making, diverting attention from the primary goal of academic excellence. From the termination of Dr. Brennan Asplen, redistricting, and the recent Ziegler scandal, the board's focus on political agendas has left the community suffering serious buyer’s remorse following the most recent school board election. Lost Opportunities Amid the chaos of searching for Dr. Asplen's replacement, valuable time that could have been dedicated to academic improvements was squandered on restructuring plans by the

This will be an ongoing series of articles by Tom Edwards to communicate with the community about the issues discussed at Sarasota County School Board meetings. Education is a crucial aspect of any community, and Tom knows how important it is for stakeholders to understand the decisions being made and their impact on students, families, and staff. Breaking down complex topics and providing insights directly from the school board dais is a valuable way to engage and inform the community. This approach will help demystify

Tom Edwards is a voice of reason in a time when it is needed most. His actions, words, and votes as a school board member always focus on what is best for our students, staff, and community. When Project Pride’s leadership invited him to be Grand Marshall for their parade on October 21, he accepted this honor. He embraced the opportunity to visibly and vocally stand up proudly for our marginalized LGTBQ+ community. Tom always says, “It’s not difficult to do the right thing.” He

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Last night, we held Tom Edwards’ Campaign Kick-Off at the Shannon Staub Public Library in North Port, and it was fantastic! One of the campaign's goals is to visit ALL areas of Sarasota County. Tom understands that while we have shared common values, there can be differing concerns about the future of public education. #ElectTomEdwards