A Year of Distractions: Reflections on the School Board’s Lost Focus


The past school board year has been marred by controversies, distractions, and questionable decision-making, diverting attention from the primary goal of academic excellence. From the termination of Dr. Brennan Asplen, redistricting, and the recent Ziegler scandal, the board’s focus on political agendas has left the community suffering serious buyer’s remorse following the most recent school board election.

Lost Opportunities

Amid the chaos of searching for Dr. Asplen’s replacement, valuable time that could have been dedicated to academic improvements was squandered on restructuring plans by the interim superintendent. Fortunately, thanks to public exposure and vigilance, these plans were not adopted. However, the distractions nearly led to the loss of Pre-K classrooms, revealing the need for a refocused commitment to academic excellence.

Silenced Initiatives

During Dr. Asplen’s tenure, Tom Edwards worked to create and install the first trades academy at Riverview High School. This was so successful it was duplicated in two additional high schools – Venice and North Port. Unfortunately, the board stifled two other promising projects that Tom initiated. These projects, recently revived under Mr. Terry Connor, include an affordable workforce housing initiative for teachers and staff, supported by experts in Sarasota County, and the early advancement of the STC Northport building lot in collaboration with Sarasota Memorial Hospital and Northport.

The Trust Deficit

Unfortunately, the current school board has lost the trust of the community. With over 90% of votes aligning with former Chair Bridget Zeigler, questions of hypocrisy, political agendas, and trustworthiness persist. The school district requires a board that prioritizes academic achievement and the community’s interests above political considerations.


As the school district grapples with the past year’s challenges, it is imperative to redirect attention toward academic excellence, community input, and transparent, reliable leadership. Throughout Tom’s tenure as a school board member, his decisions and votes consistently prioritized academic success, creating a safe learning environment for every student and steadfast support for our dedicated teachers and staff. It is the responsibility of every school board member to focus on these essential aspects, and now is the opportune moment for the entire board to realign its priorities accordingly. The community’s demand for Mrs. Zeigler’s resignation echoes in ongoing discussions, emphasizing the need to change the board’s composition to restore trust and recognize the urgency to expedite Mrs. Zeigler’s exit.